Patient and Case Manager Support app

Vertex Pharmaceuticals


About this project

Vertex wanted to provide a convenient way to connect case managers with their assigned with patients and caregivers using KALYDECO and ORKAMBI. Previously this was handled through in-person paperwork and phone calls. The GPS (Guidance and Patient Support) app was to be designed and developed using existing SalesForce databases to streamline patient services provided by Vertex.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Review requirements from case managers
  • Participate in ideation
  • Create user flows
  • Design key experiences
  • Design app experience
  • InVision prototype
  • Work with offsite developers


We met with experienced case managers who understood patient and caregiver needs. The process of getting a prescription, waiting on insurance approval, ordering, and taking the drug were just a few of many steps a case manager would assist with. We put together personas to develop a list of features that were prioritized for development phases then broken into batches. This required testing of screen prototypes and then detailed wireframes.

Identifying Challenges

Identify patients correctly
We had to find ways to correctly sync patient created profile to the one kept on the Vertex database

Users needed to sign a required consent form through the app that would normally be done on paper

Resource material
Existing resources were printed material that needed to be digitized, searchable, and easily accessible 

Connect caregivers to patients
Caregivers needed to be identified and given permission by patients

Communication experience
Patients weren’t able to send free-form messages to their case managers so and experience had to be designed for pre-formated questions and answers


Engaging dashboard
Design a familiar and modern “home” experience that encourages reliance on the app

Intuitive navigation
Prioritize and simply buttons to drive users to high priority tasks

Build trust and reliance on the app service which houses resources and sets up appointments with case managers

Discover useful features like refill reminder and insurance card updater


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